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Who we are

Ichi Ni San 3 offers shoppers one of the best experiences with quick delivery and top-notch customer service.

We're here to bring you the trendiest styles, from designs and concepts right to your door step.

Our products aren't only durable with the highest quality, but also feature such mind-blowing styles that you won't have a choice but to come back to us for more affordable fashionable pieces.

Have you noticed the sudden rise in various online clothing stores? One of the top pieces of feedback we have received is that many other online clothing stores aren't reliable or have poor customer service

We have pledged to fill the gap, not just for anyone but for our customers. When you shop with us you don't have to worry about slow delivery or poor quality items.

Finally, we urge you to order any fashionable items of your choice before they are out of stock.

What We Offer

Do you sometimes struggle to figure out the best place to shop for clothing online, where sometimes the best items are already sold out before you’ve even had a chance to see them? You're not alone, which is why we believe in delivering to your doorstep a variety of product and designs from a wide selection of brands. We're well-known for the reliable delivery of various affordable brands' of quality clothing, including Boho to Vintage wears and any other style or fashion you'd love to add to your closet. Dazzling your appearance is our primary hope and dream. Providing you a quality product with quality customer service delivered right to your door isn't a promise many online stores fulfill. We're not only giving you a guarantee of maximum satisfaction, but we're also ready to fill your closet with the most affordable, yet the highest quality clothing, without you having to overspend.